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ALARM-SCAN Audio and Security Systems offer the latest technologies of security alarm systems in Ontario.

New generation alarm systems can do a lot more, from detecting heat, smoke, CO2, and gas leaks, they can also be integrated with security cameras and two way voice communication. These systems can also be accessed remotely using data devices or web browsers. They are also capable of notifying users with text messages or emails or can even call your phones with automated voice messages.

We at ALARM-SCAN, deal with the industry leaders in security alarm products like DSC and Paradox security. If you'd like to know more about getting a security system in your home, please contact any of our security experts at (647) 984-8831. They'll be able to answer all of your questions, help you decide which security companies and options will fit your particular needs, and help you finalize your order.

PARADOX systems provide the highest level of protection for businesses, high-security area’s, luxurious residential homes and any place where maximum security is essential. These systems are designed to be easy to use and the modular concept of these systems provides installers with labour-saving features that make expanding, installing and servicing these systems quick and convenient.

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Paradox Digiplex can also integrate access control solutions. Your alarm system user database can be used to manage the access to up to 32 doors, and the monitoring of these doors can be included in any partitions. You can also use Winload and NEware to manage users and access permissions. By merging security and access control, the Digiplex and Digiplex EVO increase the level of protection offered by security systems to a new level.

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A typical home security system includes:

Alarm control panel

This is the heart of a security alarm system. All the sensors and devices are connected to the control panel which monitors the state of each device and can sound an alarm when any of the device has been activated. It then sends a message to the monitoring station or can notify the users by emails, voice calls or text message.

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Glass break detectors

Breaking a window is one of the easiest and most common ways for an intruder to enter a home or business. To help protect against this type of intrusion, a glassbreak detector is needed. “Smart” enough to distinguish the sound of breaking glass from other common sounds found in homes and businesses, the detectors feature high-performance microphones and advanced microprocessor-based Digital Sound Analysis (DSA) that can determine all types of breaking framed glass.

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Optional monitoring devices

One or all these devices can be chosen for purposes of self monitoring or remote control of the alarm systems. Device such as an IP interface can connect to network router and can be accessed and controlled through smart devices using apps. A voice dialer is another device which connects to the home telephone line and can auto dial stored numbers when an alarm occurs.

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Digital keypad

A digital keypad is used to arm or disarm the alarm system. This is usually located near exit/entry doors, where a user has to enter a pass code to activate or de-activate the alarm system. These new LED/LCD touch screen keypads can also have your family pictures displayed as screen savers.

Motion detectors

Motion sensors are devices that use various forms of technology to detect movement. The technology typically found in motion sensors to trigger an alarm includes infrared, ultrasonic, vibration and contact. Dual technology sensors combine two or more forms of detection in order to reduce false alarms such as motion and heat. Traditionally motion sensors are an integral part of a home security system. "These devices are typically installed to cover a large area as they commonly cover up to 40ft with a 135° field of vision. Some models are also available with pet immunity and built in glass break sensors.

Heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Most systems may also be equipped with smoke, heat, and/or carbon monoxide detectors. These are programmed as 24 hour zones (which are on at all times). Smoke detectors and heat detectors protect from the risk of fire and carbon monoxide detectors protect from the risk of carbon monoxide.

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