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The term access control refers to restricting access to a office or building to authorized persons only. Access control can be mechanical devices such as locks and keys, or technological devices such as access control systems. An access control system is programmed to determine who, where and when a person is allowed to enter or exit controlled areas. This was achieved by means of keys and locks, but they cannot provide log records of the key used on a door. More over keys can easily be duplicated or when a key is lost, unauthorised persons can gain access to your property.

Electronic access control uses software programs to overcome the limitations of locks and keys. Credentials of wide ranges can be used to replace mechanical keys, which can grant or deny access when presented to reading devices. When access is granted, the electronic locking device is unlocked for a programmed time and each of the transaction is logged. In case’s when access is denied, the locking device will remain locked and the attempted credentials is recorded. The system is also capable of monitoring the door status and can be programmed to sound an alarm, or notify security personnel if the door is forced open or held open for too long.

Access points can be doors, gates, elevators, or other physical barriers, through which granting access can be electronically controlled. An electronic access control door can contain several elements like, electric locks, readers, exit switch and door sensor. The reader could be a proximity card reader, a keypad card reader where a code and card is required, or it can also be biometric readers. Other devices like exit switches and magnetic door sensors can also be used to unlock door while exiting or monitor door status if open, closed or violated.

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Securing of important areas through electronic security systems are a major requirement these days. Access control system is the solution for controlling all types of entry & exit. Technological advancements in access control systems can integrate CCTV providing related video recordings to access events. Integration with fire alarm system can automatically unlock all exit doors when an alarm is detected. These systems can also be integrated with burglar alarm and building management systems providing a complete security solution.

Key Features of Access Control System

  • Access to premises can be granted to authorized person only.
  • Safety and security of employees is maximized.
  • Deployment of physical security manpower can be minimized
  • Key fobs or smart cards can be used as credentials.
  • Biometrics technologies improve the security with the use of unique identification devices such as fingerprints, face, and palm and iris readers.
  • Access events to every point is saved in the main controller & transferred to software database.
  • If the door status is violated, automatic alarms or notifications can be generated for better security
  • The access control system installed at multiple different locations can be managed with one common software.
  • The access control system not only controls the locking and unlocking of doors but it can also be used in other applications like physical access control through turnstiles, barriers, parking access control for vehicles, etc.
  • Ability to report employee attendance.
  • Systems connected to Internet can be controlled remotely through web browsers.
  • Smartphone apps can also be used for unlocking door locks or modifying users.
  • System can be a basic stand alone for small offices or a large enterprise networked system for huge ware houses, multi location offices or huge complexes with 1000’s of access points.
  • Integration with Video intercom gives additional security by viewing and talking to visitors before granting access.

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